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creative illusions Productions is a professional full service video production company based between Raleigh and Durham, NC - about 20 minutes from RTP. We provide video production services specifically designed to deliver your information and generate results.

But don't let the country location fool you. We've shot and produced professional video projects all over the world for individuals, small businesses and Fortune 100 companies.

We want to understand your business, your goals, and your products so that we can deliver the perfect creative solution.

We turn good ideas into great ones with imagination.

Whether you're hands-off and want us to do our thing, or want to be involved in every step of the process, you'll love the way we work. Our design process is the perfect balance of creativity and technical skill, which allows us to create video projects that work as good as they look.

Need a videographer just to shoot your project, then send the footage to your own editing solution? We provide videographer packages as well!

Feel free to give us a call at 919-528-5737 or use our contact form.

Kim Brame

Kim Brame - Producer/Director

Our leader of the pack - Kim is our main director. She has a gift for putting people at ease in front of the camera so their message comes across as unrehearsed, confident and most importantly - sincere. This ability allows Kim to deliver real messaging from real people as easily as with paid talent. She has directed and produced; LIVE broadcast productions, webcasts, training and marketing tools and commercials both for TV & Internet. Her favorite movie of all time is 'The Wizard of Oz'. She collects all things related to the Wicked Witch of the West. We have no idea why.

Steve Brame

Steve Brame - Rich Media Director

With an IT background, Steve was the obvious choice to oversee the technical aspects of the company. The vast majority of our projects are produced for web delivery. That's Steve's main job as Rich Media Director - making sure it works. Originally joining the team to handle web development, the rapidly evolving landscape of digital video production offered many opportunities for skill set expansion.  He's also charged with keeping the equipment maintained and up-to-date, having been accused of having a bad case of G.A.S. - Gear Acquisition Syndrome. During the several years he's been with his wife's company, he's also developed skills as a shooter and technical editor.

creative illusions started in Atlanta in the early 90’s providing set dressing as well as straight and special effects make-up to the film industry for projects such as ‘Robocop’ and ‘The Last of the Mohicans’. Working on large films, we saw an amazing amount of waste - mainly in time and personnel. We thought we could do it more efficiently. If we could put our finger on one single specialty that we have, it would be efficiency.

You will rarely, if ever, see a person on our crew who only performs one job - our people are Swiss Army Knives.

We are a full service High Def(HD) video production facility.


Have an idea for a video but don’t know how to get started? We’ll work with you to develop the right concepts and scripts within your budget that will ensure a smooth production path. Doing the right pre-production, such as creating storyboards and location scouting, can save you time and money down the road.

When you are ready to shoot, we can staff and equip any size job from a Hollywood-style production to a quick 2-man crew for an interview. We also have our own small boutique studio for extremely budget friendly production.

Whether it’s a corporate marketing video, training video, a local or national television commercial or a demo video for the web, our production department is equipped to handle all your video production needs.

Why Us?

Aside from the fact that we started in the 90’s to provide an alternative to the typical wasteful, inefficient production model -

there are other areas where we stand out.

We are extremely easy to work with! We love what we do, and you’ll see that when we’re working with you. We have a lot of fun, but in a ‘professional’ sort of way. We also dive into our client’s industry and world. We try to develop a great understanding of what you do, so that we can create a video that feels like you.

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